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Why You’ll Love Your Beef Share (Top 5 Reasons)

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather. God knows we have!

This week we have been discussing the basics of Beef Shares, what they are, how the process works, etc. (You can check out the blog posts below to catch up)

Beef Share 101: What is a Beef Share?

Beef SHare 101: How it works

Today, I’m going to tell you exactly why Beef Shares are so great!

I know if it were coming directly from us it would be a bit biased butttttt we have actual evidence from our loyal customers.

We have spoken to our Beef Share members and they all agree that the 5 reasons below are why they loved their beef share. I also included 3 of my favorite testimonials (scroll down to next section to see them)

So let’s start with #1 reason why you should be buying a Bulk Beef Share May 1st!

  1. Makes a healthy lifestyle easier

From doing multiple surveys it seems to us that reason #1 & #2 are why our Bulk Beef customers love buying from us.

It's understandable. Life is busy. Whether you have kids, grandkids, or constant friends coming over, every customer realized they loved having a freezer full of nutrient dense beef with a diverse mix of cuts to fulfill everyone's needs.

Research has shown time again that beef provides iron and 4 essential vitamins to help reduce tiredness & fatigue:

  • Niacin

  • Riboflavin

  • Vitamin B6

  • Vitamin B12

So when you wonder why you feel better after eating your Beef Share it’s because your body is getting a jolt of life back from all the vitamins. Hello, more energy!!

  1. Buying local

This is one of my favorites because we love doing what we are doing while selling to customers who love buying local products.

Many of our customers have realized that buying from the grocery store, eating at restaurants, fast-food chains has all made them question what is actually in their food.

But when you buy a Beef Share you know exactly what you are getting. When you buy from a local rancher you feel more connected to the process. We are totally transparent about the process and are more than willing to answer any questions.

  1. Ease of Fulfillment

Many of our customers love to host or end up having to host unpredictably.

Don’t worry because we have you covered! We love that big reunions, big parties, big family get-togethers still happen!

Our Beef Shares have been the center of attention and have come through at the last minute when plans changed. Customers love not having to rush to the grocery store to pick up last minute meal options to feed their family or friends.

  1. Peace of mind through Food security

This has started to become a more popular reason.

After years of uncertainty, inflation and misbehaving by our meat packers, the industrial food system isn’t even cheap or convenient anymore!

Customers love to rest easy, knowing that their Beef Share provides an at home “freezer section” and insurance against the next big crisis in the food system.

  1. Best Eating Experience= Taste, Texture, Quality

We as ranchers are so focused on how the cattle are raised that we forget that the beef tastes awesome!

Don't take it from us but from our customers. When beef is raised the right way it just tastes better.

Beef Share members don’t just feel better about their beef, but enjoy it more! Our cattle are raised on grass for 18 months and then experience the fine dine @ Barrett & Crofoot for another 4-6 months to create that delicious marbling.

That is all we have for today!

Thanks for reading,

Branded Meat Market

(Garrett & Maddy, Tate & Morgan)

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