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Roasts Recipes for your Beef Share


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We get asked a lot about different cuts and how to cook them. Arm Roast being one of them. Even though it’s a roast and the first thing I think of doing with it is putting in a crock pot there is another fun, easy option. Poor Man’s Burnt Ends Recipe:

  • Arm Roast/Chuck Roast

  • Salt n Pepper

  • Yellow Mustard

  • Honey

  1. Go get your pit ready and if you can set it to 200 degrees. We have a pitboss and absolutely love it because of this reasoning.

  2. While the pit is getting ready go get your roast and pour the yellow mustard all over. Rub it in.

  3. Add Salt n Pepper everywhere. Don’t forget the sides!

  4. Once the pit has got to 200 degrees go throw the roast on and wait 2 hours.

  5. After the 2 hours, turn up the heat to 350 and drizzle the honey all over. This creates a nice sweet glaze!

  6. After an hour, take off the pit, let it rest (to keep juices in), then slice up and enjoy!

Note: Usually take about 2-3 hrs depending on your pit and the temperate. We try to be a little adventurous with our cuts and our ranch hands love this recipe! Have a good one, Branded Meat Market (Garrett & Maddy, Tate & Morgan)

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