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Whats Up Doc?

As I try to keep the kids entertained with the bad weather this past week, Mayes wanted to go outside and get a little fresh air. We went outside to break off the ice on my car and to honestly just get out of the house a bit. While we were outside our rat eating cat was following us and all of a sudden it took off after something.. Mayes started running towards it as well and saw something in its mouth? A Cottontail! I quickly ran over there and took the little bunny out of the cat’s mouth and held it tight! I felt like the mom off Wild America. If you haven’t seen that movie, shame on you!! Mayes was yelling, “LET ME HOLD HIM!” Oh man, I knew this was gonna be love at first sight! We quickly went inside and immediately got carrots, lettuce and water. Mayes was obsessed with it. She would wake up in the morning going straight to her new friend and wanting to hold him.

We may not be experts in raising rabbits but we are the best at raising cattle. In the next couple of emails through next week we will walk you through why our beef tastes like nothing you have had before. The juiciest steak, brisket that melts in your mouth, hamburger meat that makes you weak at the knees. We will also give you reasons why you should buy from your local rancher. Not just any rancher but a 4th generation rancher that has been supporting this country for years and has perfected the method.

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