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Saddle Up

Many people ask why we still ranch horseback?

Well, to keep it simple we ranch horseback because horses are magnificent animals that are super smart.

You want a horse that can go in an open field and not be scared of a bull charging you. Or stay steady while shooting a coyote from taking out the eyeballs of one of your precious, vulnerable calves being born.

You won’t have to tell a good horse which direction to go to cut out a steer in the pens. You just hold on tight to the saddle horn and let him do the work.

It’s like putting your hands on a wheel of a ‘67 GTO Mustang. You won’t want to let go.

After a good honest day's work is over. We unsaddle and let them go enjoy the night under the moon and stars like our ancestors did before us. Wild & free!

Then we go enjoy a hot, savory meal that is cooked over an open fire.

One of our favorite recipes is a heart healthy NY Strip that is so rewarding from its buttery flavor that you'll lick your finger tips wanting more.

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