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How Good Are You On Your Worst Day

Time to go swimming.. Who’s in?

Mornings here usually start around 4: 30 am for me. Some people might think we are crazy but if you stay up past 9pm I think you’re crazy! There is just something about the morning when you make your dark, dark coffee and sit there with absolutely nothing. No kids, no phone calls, no nothing! It’s beautiful.

Once daylight broke and the kids were fed, we took off looking at the fences making sure there were no holes for cattle to get out. Most of the day's work is either on horseback, in the mule (kubota), or doing paperwork. No matter where we go our kids come with. Once we checked the fences and went back to the pens we noticed a pen being muddier than usual. WONDERFUL… a water pipe busted.

Now, many people don’t know but our water bill is pretty high from watering all these cattle especially if there hasn't been any rain, so for there to be a pipe busted meant our bill was gonna explode! On top of that, the cattle were bogging down and we definitely didn’t want any of them to get stuck.

My dad always said “How good are you on your worst day.” Meaning everyone is happy and lucky on their best day, but what can you do on your worst day?

Well we get our crew together and we go fix the damn leak and end it with a steak! That’s how I go about having my worst day.

So if you are ever having a bad day you are gonna want our beef stocked up in your freezer. When it rains it pours and we want to be your poncho!

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