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I would be lying to you if I told you I knew when branding cattle began.

I do know that we started Branded Meat Market to show you where exactly your beef has been and who takes care of them.

I’ll explain a little of how you say our brands and what the brands do for you and me.

-5 is pronounced “Bar 5” not “dash 5.” It’s a common mistake so don’t feel too bad about it. This brand comes from our father, Robert Heise. He has been branding cattle with this brand since the 1980s.

Now h- is pronounced you guessed it “h Bar.” Funny story: my dad had a brand -4 and Garrett (Robert’s son) just flipped the brand over and used it as h-.

/0 is Barrett & Crofoot’s brand. Now we pronounced this one “slash o.” They are the biggest family owned feedyard in the nation. Let me repeat that: biggest FAMILY OWNED feedyard. They have been using this brand since 1975.

We use all these brands in order to keep up with whose cattle is who's when feeding and taking care of them. Inventory is a huge deal just like in any other line of business.

We are starting to run low on the /0 Box so get yours today:

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