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Don’t think the $$ is worth it?

How’s that new iphone you just paid $2k for?

Bet they are made in other countries as well.

So when you go look at our quantity and costs:

You’ll quickly realize our meat can feed you and your family for a year!

When you buy from us, you are buying American made beef. Even better, Texas raised beef that is shipped directly to your doorstep. So take a look through our expenses and tell me what you will be getting from us isn’t worth every penny.

Ranching Expenses

  • Fertilizer to keep healthy grass in the fields during different seasons

  • Feed every day for thousands of calves

  • Equipment to ship cattle: Trucks, trailers, pens, etc.

  • Diesel to get our cattle shipped to Barrett & Crofoot

  • Diesel to get our cattle shipped to our butcher

  • Butcher costs

  • Packaging cost: Liners, dry ice, boxes

  • Fedex cost

And this doesn’t even include our employees, horse feed, saddles, tack, maintenance on a horse, and paying ourselves to keep us alive.

Everyone who is involved in ranching doesn’t do it for the money, but does it to keep America running.

Whether you see it or not, ranchers are the heart of America.

If you ever want to know what America would be like without us, then keep buying from your grocery stores and restaurants.

Soon enough they will hit you where it hurts.. When all there is left on shelves are the ”impossible burgers.”

If you ever wonder why our prices look high just take a look back at this email again.

It might just humble you to know while we are putting on boots that the soles are tearing off just so we can put a nice, hearty meal on your family's table (don’t feel bad for us though, we LOVE this life.)

People forget where they come from, but you can bet we won’t.

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