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Bourbon Pairings


Let’s be honest, usually moms take care of the grocery shopping, but I am giving you the chance to be the hero here!

I know you know how much your wife does and how much you appreciate her, but what if there is one thing you could help take off her to do list? Such as… Buying our delicious meat!

I’ll let you in on a little secret.. My husband is obsessed with bourbon. When I tell you I have a whole mortgage worth of bourbon I’m being honest. And I am betting you have a little collection of your own.

What my husband proposed is writing emails about which pairings go best with our meat. From Angel’s Envy to George T. Stagg. My husband knows the best of the best (at least he thinks so ha).

So just to start you off, buy our beef here and try our Ribeyes with Angel’s Envy.


You can’t really go wrong when you’re talking about pairing bourbon with ribeye. Hell, I could pour a glass with my daughter’s chicken nuggets and love every second of it. But we’re not talkin’ about chicken nuggets, we’re talkin’ about steak. Thick, juicy, perfectly marbled, tender steak. Preferably from Branded Meat Market (link here).

Now first things first.. Just like anything else in this life there’s variables. From the seasoning, to the marbling, to how you like to cook. But most important your palate. So if you’re newer to bourbon these are just a couple of suggestions.

Angels Envy Cask Strength

This is one of my personal favorites. Especially with a ribeye. It’s a little hard to track down but if you can get your hands on a bottle it’s worth every penny. Finished in port barrels you get the idea it’s going to be a bit sweeter. With notes of vanilla and spices partnered with a little heat you won't be disappointed.

Weller Special Reserve

This bourbon is easy to find and for a great price. It’s hard to find something that this doesn't pair well with. You’ll never regret pouring this.

Now if you find one of these bourbon’s then head over to our shop page to pair it with Branded Meat Market’s Steaks.

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