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Be A Hand Not a Foot

There's a saying in the cowboy culture ‘Make a hand’ this is the same as break a leg or win the heisman. A good cowboy is not judged by money, family, or likes on Facebook. A good cowboy can’t be bought at the store or made up on TV. It’s about character, the try, the effort, the courage, the resilience. When the world says you’re a dying breed and it can't be done, they ignore it and they do it.

Garrett is a 4th generation rancher who continues the tradition that his great grandpa started. He is your typical quiet all business no play cowboy. His favorite phrase is TCB (taking care of business) and he uses this as a reason to get out of any unpleasant social experience. Horses, cattle, and dogs are his bread and butter, put him in front of a computer or camera and you'd think he's dying. He may not make it on the silver screen but when it comes to raising beef theres no one better. Garrett can pick out a replacement heifer, a sick calf, or a lame horse in seconds. He can weld a gate, rope a bull, bale hay, or drive a semi. Cowboy is a general term we put on a man who has salt. The know-how and the determination to finish a job against all odds. I don't know about you but I don't want anyone who doesn't know what a good stocking rate or BSE test is to be raising beef that I feed to my family. Would you buy a home from someone who doesn't know where their air filters are on the AC, or buy a car from someone who doesn't know how to pop the hood? So why would you buy beef from someone who's never put out a hay bale or helped a baby calf take its first breath? Don’t fall for the hipsters, your hands are right here

Farmers and ranchers are the reason you get to sit down and eat food that was raised off the earth by another human who cares, not something created in a lab and overly processed by a factory.

If you want to help support your local ranchers AND eat the most delicious beef that even shocking 5 star restaurants won’t have, then look no further. Here at Branded Meat Market we put our money where our mouth is and with our 100% Money Back Guarantee you are out 0 Risk. We won’t let you down.

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