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Are You Allergic

Any other sob story starts with it being a beautiful day outside and then BAM something happens to turn the whole day around. My daughter, Mayes, and son, Conway, were all outside after doing our daily morning chores when our day took a turn for the worst. Just to give you a little insight, Conway is our 10 month old who is currently trying to figure out how to walk. He does a little bear crawl to get to where he needs to be which in my mind is kind of funny knowing he is doing an exercise I absolutely hate. That’s beside the point, so he started bear crawling away from where Mayes was playing and I stayed in the middle. All of a sudden I look over and Conway is covered in FIRE ANTS. I ran over immediately and started taking off his clothes and getting all the ants off. Not too soon after he started to swell…. Yup, you guessed it. He was allergic! My husband, being a paramedic, took charge and took us to the nearest hospital. The doctors took us right and gave Conway the meds he needed. Within seconds, he was back to normal. I have never hugged that boy so tight but then and there I think both of us did. God was definitely there that day and so was Conway’s Guardian Angel.

Needless to say he won't be roaming off again without one eye constantly on him. We spend our days so distracted and me (Morgan) especially. My New Year’s resolution is to be present in each and every moment. Doing so, I have learned to be way more grateful for what I have in front of me: My Family, Friends, roof over my head, fresh food on the table, and the list can go on. Here at Branded Meat Market you can taste the difference in our beef. If you didn’t, we wouldn’t still be doing this job. Have you heard of any ranchers being rich? Didn't think so. We put our heart and soul into this job with little return. That is why we heavily rely on repeat customers and a quality product to keep you coming back for more. Just check out our reviews.. "Wonderful beef from this company! All the meat I’ve had so far tasted great, opening a package there is no smell like you get from meat at the grocery store. The steak was so large my husband and I split it! It tasted so good! Hamburger was really good too with not much fat! Will order from them again!" - Wendy W.

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