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Invest in america

Many people believe the American Dream is gone. But it isn’t. It is still achievable, just a little further out of reach.

Every single day we work our tails off in order to keep our dream alive.

Budgeting to where we may not get our kids that new toy car they have been wanting, or managing our time where we won’t see our wives until the end of the day, or waking up at 4am to ship calves just so we can be there for breakfast with our family.

This is what makes America great! We have the chance, the opportunity to make our dreams happen, but it takes time and commitment for it all to work.

So when you invest in us we are also investing in you.

Some days don’t you wish you could get out of dodge and forget about the concrete jungle and see God’s creation for miles?

It’s a picture I take for granted everyday. But here on our newsletter, every Friday you will get the experience of ranching that cowboys endured back in the 1800s.

We will also give you bourbon pairings with our favorite grilling recipes for all you grill masters.

And we will show you what exactly you are investing your money into when you buy from us.

Take a look around:

Thank you for ranching with us and hope you enjoy the stories to come!

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