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Delicious Beef Right to your Doorstep

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Grass fed, grain finished, quality beef delivered right to your doorstep

Our grass fed, grain finished beef not only tastes delicious, but will provide your family with a luxurious, mouth watering meal sure to impress any dinner guest. Based at our family owned and operated ranch in Kosse, TX we truly understand the value of spending quality time with your loved ones gathered around quality food. Our goal here at Branded Meat Market is to provide American families with American beef. When you serve up our fresh, high quality beef you are supporting local farmers and ranchers. Just don't blame us when your family starts begging for more!

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Don't just take it from us


"We had the best T bone steak in a long time and the largest sirloin I've ever seen. Can't wait to try the other cuts. I will definitely be putting in a larger order next time."

Raised on our family ranch

Our ranch raised cattle are locally sourced and meticulously cared for. We use tested and proven methods of cattle handling to ensure a low stress environment for each animal in our care.

We know that as cattlemen and women we are responsible for not only the cattle, but the land that they call home. Our cattle and land are our number one priority, and we take the job of their well being very seriously. 

When you buy your beef from Branded Meat Market, not only are you getting a quality beef product delivered right to your door - you are also giving us the opportunity to continue to do what we love every single day. 

Our goal is to provide your family with the same grass fed, grain finished beef that we have nourished our own family with for generations. 

What sets our beef apart

Not only is our beef superior in quality and flavor, but unlike most grass fed, grain finished beef, our beef only spends the last 4-6 months of their life on grain. This short grain window is what gives our beef its distinct flavor and signature marbling.

We realized very quickly that 5-star restaurant quality beef is not easy to find. Our goal here at Branded Meat Market is to deliver top-notch, mouth watering beef that you would typically only find in a restaurant right to your front door. 

Through this vision we hope to educate consumers about how their beef is fed, while providing them with flavorful beef they can only find here.



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