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Come and Taste It!

Here’s the deal, feedyards get a bad rap…but coming from someone who grew up in one, I still can't quite figure out why.

While our cattle spend the majority of their life on grass, we do finish them on grain in a feedyard located in Hereford, TX to ensure they get that very distinct marbling and buttery flavor.

When cattle arrive at the yard, they are taken off the truck and put into holding pens where they are met with fresh hay and water after their journey. Soon after, they will be given a pen number (their home for the foreseeable future) and a lot number (a number that identifies that cattle, should they become escape artists and leave their pen.)

Before heading to their home they are sent to the processing barn where they will receive a new ear tag and any vaccines they will need to remain healthy during their stay. We work closely with our veterinarian to ensure that each and every animal receives the best care.

After a quick trip through the doctor's office the cattle are sent to their home pen where they are met with a warm specially formulated feed ration of grains and corn and fresh water!

There is a reason ranchers take their cattle to Barrett and Crofoot. They just don't take any cattle but the best in order to finish out high quality beef. B&C gives high quality vitamins and minerals on top of premium grains to our cattle. Diet is essential to our meat and its flavor. Something you will just have to take our 4th generation word on.

That is why Branded Meat Market has the most delicious tasting beef. By partnering with Barrett and Crofoot their cattle get the best of the best nutrition.

Thankfully, we have some cattle ready to go to the butcher next month and are taking pre orders now. Visit our shop and taste the difference.

We ask premium prices because our beef is PREMIUM BEEF! We don't just pay for the cattle but we pay to build the cattle from the ground up. High quality feed, grass, fresh water, and etc all go into the cost of the cattle. Let me guess you didn't think about that, right? More goes into cattle than just watching them in the fields.

Why Buy in Bulk? We only get a select few dates per year with our butcher. So if you want yours this month you don’t want to miss out. We guarantee our Beef is the best tasting, but we can’t guarantee dates each month to get your beef.

By buying from Branded Meat Market you are not only buying superior beef but you're buying your Country back. No more sh*t food from other countries. If you want that, then go to your grocery store. Here we back one another by buying locally.

Americans, thank you for your support! Ranchers are in great debt to you.

Thank you,

From everyone at Branded Meat Market

(Garrett & Maddy, Tate & Morgan, James & Lauren from B&C)

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