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A Raven Came

With February fast approaching many of our cattle that have been on oat pastures are ready to head to the feed yard to finish out that muscle with some marble. February is also the peak of our winter like most places in the US. We are dreading the frozen pipes and ponds but we’ve made it through worse. What do you do when your pond freezes over and your cattle can’t get to water, AND all your water lines are also frozen? You drive a tractor in the pond….

Now while we're out here breaking ice and freezing our a** off I hope you will have been savvy enough to have some firewood stacked up and your freezer stocked up to get you through the snow days. If you haven't gotten that far head over to our shop page, to get meat shipped to your door in a matter of days. You might want to grab an axe while you're at it and get to chopping some wood. If you haven't already stocked up for winter. Now is your time! Just click the shop button for your Bulk Beef Share!

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